India’s Most Sansanikhej Kahani 10th April 2022 Written Update


India's Most Sansanikhej Kahani

In the upcoming episode of Indias Most Sansanikhej Ki Love Story, we will witness how the Holi plan of Sansanikhej Kahani is going to play a pivotal role. In this episode, we will also see how the other characters will react to Sansanikhej Kahani’s Holi plan.

Watch Lockdown Ki Love Story 10 April 2022 Written Episode

The upcoming Lockdown Ki Love Story is centered around the love story between Dhruv and Sonam. The couple decides to move in together after the Covid lockdown, and it’s complicated at first because Dhruv’s mother and aunt are against the union, but Dhruv’s parents support the union because they see nothing wrong with a couple being together.

Watch Sansanikhej Kahani’s Holi plan

This year, Hindus across the world will be celebrating Holi. This Hindu festival is a festival of colors and love, where people smear each other with wet and dry paints and stand on rooftops and throw water balloons. While the original date of Holi was celebrated on 15th April, this year it will fall on 10th April 2022.

The Holi festival was first celebrated in the ancient Indian tradition by a man named Hiranyakashayap, who wanted to worship himself as a god. However, he became angry when he learned that his son Prahlad was a devout devotee of the Hindu god Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Fortunately, Holi has a long and colorful history and a new, modern version of the Holi festival is set to take place on 10th April 2022.

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