India’s Most Sansanikhej Kahani 10th April 2022 Written Update


India's Most Sansanikhej Kahani

The Colors channel has started a new crime show named India’s Most Sansanikhej Kahaaniyaan with Ronit Bose Roy as its host. The show will have 65 episodes and will cover a variety of crimes, including honour killings, crimes of passion, and modern crimes. You will have the chance to see the latest and greatest crime cases in this show.

Anokhi gets locked in her room

In the upcoming episode, Anokhi gets locked in her room because she’s missing her beloved husband, Shaurya. After the incident, Devi threatens Shaurya that she’ll call the police if she doesn’t come to the party. Eventually, she gets away and tells him to call her.

Shaurya’s anger at Ahir

Ahir’s marriage stress has triggered Shaurya’s anger at Ahik. In order to avenge Ahir’s humiliation, Anokhi makes a wish to meet him in London. The wish is fulfilled and Shaurya wakes up to find Ahir standing in front of him. He tries to stop Shaurya but she refuses. As she goes, Ahir catches Shaurya and arrests her.

Devi’s anger at Ahir

A recent episode of Star Plus show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani had quite a twist. Amidst the Holika pooja, Shaurya comes between Anokhi and Ahir. In jealousy, Shaurya gets in the way of Ahir and Anokhi and separates them. But both Anokhi and Ahir pray to clear their feelings and reconcile their relationship.

Holi festival

India’s Holi festival is celebrated in the midst of a riot of colours, and a trip to this place is sure to be a thrilling experience. Holi is a Hindu festival where people smear each other with wet or dry paint, and water balloons are thrown. In most areas of the country, the celebrations coincide with Holika Dahan, when Hindus celebrate their birth day.

Sansanikhej Kahani’s Holi plan

Hindus across the globe are preparing for Holi 2022. It’s a FREE event that will take place on LBJ Lawn on Wednesday, April 9. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated by splashing each other with wet paint and water balloons, while dancing and singing. Sansanikhej Kahani has created a plan for Holi 2022 to mark the 10th anniversary of this festival.

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