Imlie Weekly Update: Imlie finds Arvind’s murderer.


Imlie Weekly Update

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This week began with Aryan breaking Imlie’s laptop. He scolds her for trying to interfere in his private life. She can’t snatch his clear goal and he was focused before she came into his life, but after her entry, he only sees her everywhere. Imlie gets hurt because he held her arms tightly. She cries and says she had no idea he is this much sensitive about this room and he never allows anyone to come here. Not even Arpita. She came here to collect some information that’s it. Aryan says he won’t enter this room again and he will re-do everything that she just rearranged here. Imlie gets shocked and asks how is it possible. She cleaned it some time ago. Aryan says she should keep things in her memory, every time she won’t get a diary, pen, or laptop. Just as she wants to prove Aditya innocent he is also stubborn. She again keeps the stuff like previously and leaves the room. Imlie asks him how will she work then as he broke her laptop. It had the lists of workers in the factory. He tells her to find an alternative way.

Imlie thinks in her room while doing work on how to memorize the names of the workers. She thinks Aryan motivates her, on one hand, to work properly and then he breaks her laptop to stop her from working. How strange is that? She then tries hard to remember the names and finally, she gets successful. She types their names and thanks Aryan for the idea. The next day Imlie leaves for the place the most of the ex-employees are staying. One black cat crosses into the house in front of her and Nila says she brought it here to ruin Imlie’s good day. Imlie says animals don’t think bad about others but it is humans who are dangerous. Nila gets irked and Narmada coughs there. She says the medicine she is taking is not available easily. Imlie says she will bring it for her.

Aryan gets inside his car and Imlie also sits beside him. She asks him to drop him. He says he is getting late and he is not her driver. She does drama and says being her husband he should help her. She calls his car his second wife. Aryan gets annoyed and agrees to drop her. He reaches the location and thinks the place is not safe. He decides to wait for her but she says she will manage and she doesn’t need his favor now. She leaves and asks the colony people about the ex-employees of Arvind’s company. The people reply that those employees don’t stay here now. One person gives her an address where the employees can be present. Imlie notes it down and reaches a bungalow. She video calls Aryan and says she wants to show him something and the employees must be suffering after losing their jobs. So Aryan should help them. Aryan says but this is a bungalow. She should not enter there. Imlie says she will enter to know what’s happening exactly.

The wives of the employees are having fun and drinking juices. Imlie gets ready like a classy rich woman and marks her entry. She judges the bungalow saying this is very small and someone asks her name to which she says everyone should achieve success to such an extent that an introduction is not needed. Aryan says this is his line. Later the ladies request her to play cards with them. Imlie agrees and sits with them. She hides the camera in her purse and gives replies to Aryan. She diverts the topic when the ladies suspect her. Imlie says her plan will work for sure.

Aryan gives up after some time and Imlie says how will she find the husbands of these ladies who can give her the true information. Aryan says she should come back and her plan will fail. She says not at all. The ladies talk about their husbands’ flaws but Imlie says Aryan has no flaws but she doesn’t love him too.

Imlie points out several flaws of Aryan which angers him. She tries to collect information from the wife of an employee that how her husband bought such a big bungalow etc. Imlie turns on the recorder to record her conversation with her husband but due to her phone ringtone, she has to run away from there. The employee finds her recorder and suspects that she recorded everything as she is a relative of Arvind. Aryan worries for Imlie as the latter didn’t pick up his calls. He calls her careless and later he is told to judge a beauty pageant and he is not interested. There Narmada’s health worsens and Nila makes her even sicker. Later Gudiya takes credit for giving medicine to Aryan for Narmada. She hides that Imlie sent it.

Imlie gets inside Seth Purandare’s factory with a guy named Madhav in disguise. She learns the truth that those employees burnt Arvind alive and Aditya got fake information from them and wrote the articles. Imlie exposes herself knowing that they are planning to kill Aryan too. They chase her and she escapes with Madhav. There Aryan worries for Imlie at the beauty pageant event. Nila makes a plan to make Gudiya win the competition to impress Aryan

Imlie goes to warn Aryan as Seth’s men were searching for him to kill him. She isn’t allowed to meet the judges thus, she takes part in the competition. Aryan worries for her and gets surprised to see her on stage. Imlie wins the competition with her terrific answers and receives the trophy from Aryan. People call her the fixed winner as she is Aryan’s wife but he says that her words made her win not his name. Ashwin places a bomb inside the trophy which Aryan goes to give Imlie.

Aryan finds the ticking bomb and he tells Imlie to leave immediately she doesn’t leave him alone they take the bomb far away from the people’s reach. He throws it above and protects Imlie from it. They share a romantic moment. Later Madhav gives the proof against Seth Purandas to Imlie. She gets kidnapped by his men and Aryan tries his best to save her. There Nila blames Imlie saying because of her they got into trouble and Arpita tells her that Aryan deserves to learn the real reason behind Arvind’s death so Imlie is doing right. Nila taunts Rupy and Aparna and Aparna shut her up. Imlie cries seeing Aryan running to save her. She decides to show him the proof anyhow. Ashwin talks about killing Imlie and Aryan both.

Imlie meets Seth Purandas and tells him that Aryan will destroy him if he learns the truth. Aryan reaches there and he fights Seth Purandas’s men with Emilie’s help. There Aditya leaves the house and it upsets Pankaj and Nishant. Tripathi ladies go to the temple with Aryan’s family. Nila talks ill about Imlie and later she gets a lesson too. Seth reveals to Aryan that he only killed Arvind and put the blame on Aditya. Aryan and Imlie try to save the proof against Seth but his men snatch it from Aryan.

In future episodes, Imlie will be trapped inside a van and she will fall unconscious due to poisonous gas. Aryan will feel helpless seeing her.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.


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