Imlie: Upcoming Story Twist! Imlie is pregnant but Aryan is infertile!


Imlie: Upcoming Story Twist

Imlie is Pregnant, Imlie Pregnancy News, Who impregnated Imlie? Did Aryan and Imlie have sex?, Did Imlie deliver a baby? Is Imlie actually pregnant?

In the upcoming story of Imlie serial, a new chapter will unfold in Imlie’s life as she will discover that she (Imlie) is pregnant.

So far in Imlie serial, Aryan and Imlie are slowly realizing their feelings for each other and are becoming closer.

Now according to the spoilers of Imlie serial, Aryan will discover that he is infertile and can not father a child.

Meanwhile, Imlie announces her pregnancy news to Aryan.

As per the upcoming twists of the serial, Aryan will doubt Imlie’s fidelity and will question her pregnancy (who is the father of Imlie’s child?).

Aryan will abandon Imlie blaming that Imlie got pregnant without his knowledge while Jyoti will make her way into Aryan’s life.

How did Imlie get pregnant when Aryan is not capable of being a father? Will Aryan blame Madhav for Imlie’s pregnancy or Aditya who has already left the country?

Let’s see what is the truth behind Imlie’s pregnancy twist in the upcoming episodes of Imlie serial

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