Imlie: Latest Twist! Here comes another blunder in Arpita’s life!


Imlie: Latest Twist

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In the coming story of the serial Imlie there is another major hurdle in the way of the satisfaction in Arpita and Sundar’s lives.

In the first chapter that follows Imlie, Aryan agreed to the wedding to Arpita and Sundar for the sake of the happiness that his daughter.

According to the most recent spoiler for the show Imlie, Neela has called Sundar’s mom to set up obstacles in the life of Arpita.

Two Moti Bindi (round circle on the forehead) ladies Nanda and Neela have taken the decision to make Arpita’s existence to be a living hell.

Neela as well as Gudiya are enjoying the remarks from Sundar’s mom Nanda Prasad. Nanda Prasad is clear that Sundar is not worthy of to be a widow.

According to the twists and turns of the story Imlie responds with a vicious response, and she repeatedly calls Bhudiya and gets her furious.

Imlie states that the same way Nanda Prasad doesn’t like the term Bhudiya(an older lady) The same is true for Arpita. Arpita dislikes the term “widhwa” (a widow).

Let’s see if Neela’s plan to call Sundar’s mother to prevent Arpita’s marriage is successful or whether Imlie can gain a advantage and make Arpita get married to the man she has always wanted to be with in future installments from Imlie. Imlie serial.


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