Imlie 15th April 2022 Written Update

Imlie 15th April 2022 Written Update
Imlie 15th April 2022 Written Update


In her new article, the media is asked many personal questions about Imli and her relationship with her husband. In the first paragraph, she says no, and apologizes for leaving the place to avoid questions about their relationship. In the second paragraph, she mentions how her doctor told her to leave because of the rumors that surrounded her marriage. The article also touches on the relationship between Imli and her journalist husband Aditya Kumar Tripathi, and whether the couple are still together or not.

Imlie’s flaws

In this episode of “The 100”, we’ll learn more about Imlie. In this episode, she’s an employee at the company, and she’s asking the other employees about their husband. While she’s asking about Aryan’s work, she also tells them about his big bunglow. Then, Imlie starts listing all of Aryan’s flaws, starting with how he doesn’t get any sleep.

Despite having been trained as an engineer, Imlie’s flaws make her a weak character in the company. While her mother used to be the boss, she was left with a son and a daughter from a previous marriage. The situation is even worse when her mother is impregnated. Imlie learns to sabotage his life after she becomes pregnant.

Her husband’s mood

In this episode of ‘Imlie’s Husband’, Imlie tries to make her husband happy by searching Arvind related articles. He gets a bit distracted while doing his research, but Gudiya is crying about it. She tells Imlie that she can’t post a picture of her with her hair ruined. Imlie gets mad and blames the server. ‘This format isn’t supported.’ Imlie’s mood turns to depression, which leads to a fight between Imlie and Gudiya.

When Aryan and Imlie’s mother visit their home, they are both in the mood to argue, and Malini taunts the haughty actress. She says that she has a stomachache, but he insists that he will not leave her. Malini says that he agreed to stay away from her because he needs to finish the pictures for his book. Then, they argue over whether to wait for Aryan or not.

Her doctor’s advice to her

Imlie is an upcoming Indian television drama series. It will be aired on Star Plus and digitally on Disney+ Hotstar on 16 November 2020. Imlie is produced by Gul Khan and stars Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, Fahmaan Khatter, and Mayuri Deshmukh. The series is a loose adaptation of the Bengali series Ishti Kutum, which was filmed under the banner of Star Jalsha.

Aditya is married to Malini against the wishes of Imlie. Malini is deeply affected by this news and she decides to get back with her former husband. But when Aditya comes home, she is not happy and is afraid of losing her. Imlie, however, remains with her husband because of her upbringing, beliefs in marriage, and her faith in God. She fears that Adi will kill her if she leaves the marriage.

Her marriage with journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi

A television serial Imlie is preparing for a high-intensity drama. Aditya announces his marriage to Malini, and Anu asks Imlie to cover the event. While Imlie denies this request, he eventually agrees to cover the wedding. In the process, he makes his way to the Tripathi house, where he plans a front-al attack on his family.

While Imlie was apologetic, Aditya had been abusive to her during their childhood, and his words didn’t feel hollow, but genuine. Despite this, Imlie refuses to believe his accusation, and he confronts her in front of everyone. In the end, Aryan arranges for Imlie to stay at his home and frames Aditya for his misreporting of the weather.

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