Imlie 11th April 2022 Written Update



Today’s Imlie 11th April 2022 Written Update will give you details about Imlie’s fight with Aditya, Rupali’s teasing, Aparna’s request to make Imlie happy for life, and their wedding aarti. To make things more exciting, read on to find out more about these plot twists. Then, get ready to laugh your head off while you follow the latest updates on Imlie!

Imlie’s fight with Aditya

The story revolves around a man named Aditya and a woman called Imlie. Both the women have an intense love-hate relationship and Aditya is adamant on bringing Imlie to his house so that they can marry. However, Imlie refuses to marry Aditya and insists on having a fake marriage. Both women shout at each other and argue about their love life.

Rupali’s insults

In this episode, we get to know the savviness of Imlie and Rupali’s relationship. While Imlie praises Rupali for being brave and able to take on a shrewd opponent, Rupali is not so sure. She tells Pranav that she would be lying if she says that they were dating for more than a few days.

Aparna’s request to keep Imlie happy forever

While on the eve of the wedding, Aparna scolds Aditya for trying to kill Imlie. He tries to bribe Aparna by saying that Malini does not deserve to live with him, but she refuses to listen. The two fight, and the outcome is tragic. During the confrontation, Malini tries to blackmail Aditya with her child. However, Aditya shuts her down by telling her that he will not apologize. Imlie, on the other hand, thanks Aryan for giving him the opportunity to prove himself to her and to be a good father.

Imlie’s aarti

After the paghphera ceremony, Imlie and Narmada are back home. Imlie recalls how Meethi had asked him to marry her, but it seems like he had forgotten about the ritual. Imlie goes to complete his desk work but misses Aditya when he calls her. The two are greeted by Gudiya and Nila, who tease Imlie.

Explanation of divorce papers

Aditya and Imlie are separated due to a dispute in their marriage. Imlie is shocked to know that Aditya has sent divorce papers to Aryan. Malini asks Imlie why she is upset and how can she be so rude towards Aditya? Imlie is irritated and asks why Aditya should be so cruel towards his wife. Imlie insists that he never intended to leave her and says she did not want a divorce from him. However, Malini comes to explain that she sent the divorce papers to Aditya.

Situation at Tripathi house

The situation at the Tripathi house is not a happy one, and everyone in the family is emotional. Imlie asks Aryan for help with reporting duties, but Aryan thinks that he is doing it for Imlie and for his family. After seeing this, Imlie leaves with Narmada and Arpita. When they reach the Tripathi house, Narmada stops them and Imlie drags them away, saying that he promised not to wrongly accuse him. Aryan tries to pull Imlie away from Aditya, but it is too difficult, and he meets an accident, which causes severe injuries.

Reactions of family members

In the eleventh episode of the serial, Imlie proposes to her boyfriend Aditya. However, he is shocked to hear the news. He asks why he should pressure Imlie. He then asks her to marry him again. Imlie promises to take care of her. She cries, asking him to stop. But, Imlie does not get angry, saying that he will change her fate in due course.

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