‘I thought I had a boy hangover, but the itch turned out to be cancer’


A man who thought he had a hangover after a boys’ vacation to Thailand was shocked to discover that his symptoms were due to cancer.

Former Army officer Andrew Frost, 25, flew home in June 2019 after three weeks away with his friends and found his skin itchy all over. He also felt extremely exhausted, but attributed it all to partying too hard.

He said: “On vacation we were drinking and partying 24/7. There was no sunbathing, no sightseeing, it was just alcohol. It was a good vacation.

“I had a rash on the right side of my arm that looked like a heat rash.

“When we got on the plane back from Hua Hin, I told the boys, who were friends from school, that I was really itching all over my body.

Andrew Frost wants to make people aware of the unusual symptoms he suffered from


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“They said there was nothing wrong with me and that it was because of all the alcohol I had drunk and from being in the sun.”

Shortly after landing in the UK, Andrew’s exhaustion was so overwhelming that he passed out. When he went to the doctor and explained his symptoms, he was advised to take antihistamines.

“He thought it was an allergic reaction from drinking,” Andrew explained.

But two days later, when the antihistamines had made no difference to Andrew’s symptoms, he collapsed again in the bathroom.

He was rushed to hospital in Burton-on-Trent, where he was given blood tests and an X-ray. In the weeks that followed, he also had a neck biopsy.

Andrew said, “They found a 10cm dark black shadow across my chest. The good results from the other tests made me think it was nothing.”

However, when the doctors seemed concerned, Andrew began to panic.

“The consultant asked me to have another X-ray and then I was taken to a room where I was told it could be lung cancer,” he said.

“It’s the worst thing you can hear and it was a huge shock. I turned white and passed out.

“They had to use a wheelchair to push me through the hospital while I kept shaking.”

As more tests were done, it became clear that Andrew didn’t have lung cancer, but it was still bad news. Andrew had stage 2 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in his chest and neck.

Andrew received his horrific diagnosis six weeks after his return from Thailand


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He went through three months of grueling chemotherapy


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He received a grueling three-month course of chemotherapy in August 2019.

Andrew said: “I had chemo every two weeks for three months. I was lucky enough not to need radiotherapy and I beat it very quickly, maybe because of my age.

“I found chemo easier than many people. It made me very tired, quite cranky and very hungry, so I gained a lot of weight. I wasn’t sick, but I did lose my hair during the last treatment.”

Andrew and his girlfriend Indre are now an active couple


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While Andrew was undergoing chemotherapy, the family thought of his grandmother Jean, who had passed away earlier that year after a 20-year battle with cancer.

Fortunately, Andrew’s treatment was a success and in November 2019 he was released. After he finished his treatment, he met his girlfriend Indre, 31.

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The couple, who like to stay active and often travel, are doing a sponsored 26-mile walk to raise money for the Macmillan cancer nurses who helped Andrew’s grandmother.

“Exercise has helped me a lot,” Andrew said. “After the treatment I met my girlfriend and we did a lot of mountaineering and walking around the Peak District. She motivated me.”

Now Andrew is urging anyone with unusual or strange symptoms not to take any chances and get themselves checked.

He said: “I’ve had friends say they feel itchy and tired and I’ve said I should always get it checked.

“I just thought it was nothing and it turned out to be NHL.”

To donate to Andrew’s Sponsored Walk to Support Macmillan Cancer, click here

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