Hunarbaaz 17th April 20222 Written Update



In this Hunarbaaz 17th April 20222 Written Update, we will discuss some of the characters from the show. These characters are Rocknaama, Zoya, and Akash Singh. Also, we will talk about the Behtareen Performance badge. This act will be able to help you earn more badges. Also, in this episode, Parineeti Chopra and Anirban Roy will make appearances and will get a chance to dance with Geeta Maa.

Akash Singh

After a long time, Akash Singh has returned with the latest written update for the show, Hunarbaaz. The first season of the show is in full swing, and this episode is jam-packed with talent and fun. Three renowned personalities, Parineeti Chopra, Mithun Chakraborty, and Rohit Shetty, are judging the contestants.

Anirban Roy

The 17th episode of Anirban Roy’s ‘Hunarbaaz’ promises to showcase the talents of the young Indian youth. The show promises to have a wide variety of acts and genres that would amaze viewers. The show will also feature never-seen-before acts from 11-year-old Anirban, a flute player from Kolkata. Magician Rajesh Kumar is another talented act. Akash Singh’s pole act will surely make viewers jump!


The upcoming episode of Rocknaama will feature a lot of celebrity guest appearances. Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam will be part of the show. This episode of Rocknaama will also feature Dasvi, an upcoming movie which will be released on Netflix and Jio Cinema. These two shows are also going to have some exciting events and surprises in store for their viewers.


In the seventeenth episode of the ongoing drama series, Zoya Hunarbaaz, a magician, is found out to be having a secret affair with Asad. In order to get information on this affair, Asad decides to contact Asad and ask for his help. The pair discuss Humera’s condition, but it turns out that Humera is not going to survive the affair.


Watching the latest promo videos of Tanvir’s Hunarbaaz will surely entertain you. The contestants are already showing unbelievable performances in the latest promo videos. In addition, Geeta Kapoor is going to be a special guest on the show. So, stay tuned for the latest episode of Tanvir’s Hunarbaaz! Check out the latest episode of Tanvir’s Hunarbaaz to know everything about the movie.

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