Hrithik Roshan believes web space is breaking 'fixed mould of a superstar' & evolving into something better


The ongoing 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa has been making headlines for several reasons. Recently, Hrithik Roshan appeared for a virtual masterclass of sorts on acting and got candid about his own journey. He opened up about the process he goes through to bring his own touch to the character he’s playing. 

Hrithik said, “The first thing is to find a connection with the character in the script. Once you have laid that foundation where you know that the emotions that your character is going through resonate with you, then half the job is done. From there starts the whole journey of seeking and searching. You are constantly searching to find that guy (character) within you. The way he looks, walks, etc, depends on how close that character is to you. And magic happens when you find the edge (to the character).” 

The actor also was of the opinion that the massive change brought about by the web space is immense and for the good. “I am delighted about the fact that so many new actors have come in. The scope has gone up, and the talent that I have been watching on screen is just so incredible! It makes me happy as I feel that all kinds of people in our social environment need to be represented in beautiful ways on screen.” 

He further added, “With that, I feel that the mould of a superstar, which had been created, is breaking. There was this fixed mould of a superstar that actors had to fit into. And it was very disconnected with what is real. This mould, I feel, is evolving into something better. I think it can now be customised! So, for all those who want to make it now, they should be putting in a lot of hard work. Actors must train themselves for five-six hours. You need to think about yourself like an Olympic athlete. How many hours a day does an athlete train? Are you doing that too?” 

Hrithik has multiple films like Fighter, Krrish and a sequel to War in the pipeline. 

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