How did every rookie QB in the first round do in their first NFL games?


Kyle Terada-US TODAY Sports
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Lance saw the most action of all five quarterbacks – Kyle Shanahan wanted to see how he would do after a rough two-minute run at the end of the first half, so he also got the first streak of the third quarter. Lance played all but the first half of the series against the Chiefs after Jimmy Garoppolo went 3 for 3 for 26 yards on the 49ers’ first drive.

Lance started with a nice pitch on the run that was dropped by receiver Brandon Aiyuk, and a sack ended third behind on that first drive. Then, at the start (and end) of his second ride, Lance rolled to the left and threw a textbook back at a corner post, and receiver Trent Sherfield was the lucky receiver.

“Yes, it was really a naked with a break, we call it a keeper with a break,” Lance said after the game. “So the plan was you had to get around the edge and up to see Trent, he had his angle set perfectly, as you saw. So for me it was, you know, working Trent and then working on the high cross coming down again. He was my first look. I was a little nervous to come by because the corner kind of got his hands on him so he was probably on you know, five to ten yards where normally if he didn’t have hands he would already be you you know, on the field at 15. But yeah, he played great, obviously cornered perfectly. So for me it was one of those situations, of course I wanted to try and get the ball in his hands.”

Great game. But for my money, Lance’s most impressive game came in the second quarter, after Kansas City gambler Tommy Townsend pinned the 49ers on their own one-yard line. Rather than take the fast, safe play, Lance calmly waited for tight end Charlie Woerner to open and hit him with a 25-yard strike.

Not that Lance’s debut was perfect. He finished his day with five completions on 14 attempts for 128 yards and that 80-yard touchdown. Four of those omissions came on receiver drops and good throws. At the end of the first half, Lance started to get a little frantic – maybe trying to make something happen. He was sacked four times and nearly threw an interception early in the third quarter.

Still, there’s a lot to build on here, and Lance hasn’t done much to drop him in the quarterback league with Jimmy G.

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