Here’s how Taimur’s birth changed Saif Ali Khan

They say that a child changes you as a person and the same happened with actor Saif Ali Khan when he and Kareena Kapoor Khan became parents to Taimur Ali Khan. In a guest column in Kareen’s recently-released Pregnancy Bible, Saif says that becoming parents changed his relationship with his wife and with himself. 

“I suppose the lesson is to be patient with yourself. If there is anything I have learnt as a father and a partner it is that what matters is your intention. Half the trouble is when we expect too much from ourselves or from people around us,” Saif wrote, according to an entertainment portal.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan

“And it’s not just Kareena who has changed. Our relationship has, too. When she got pregnant, we told ourselves we would live the same life; we’d continue to travel as we always had, to Paris, London, Gstaad. We’d take our baby and maybe a nanny to help us. But life changed when Taimur was born! I know I lost interest in superficial socialising. We stayed in a lot. It brought us even closer. For us, there is nothing like getting together with our family and closest friends, having a drink with the little one running around and playing,” he added.

Earlier this year, Kareena and Saif became parents to another son, Jehangir Ali Khan. Their first born, Taimur, is four years old.

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