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Hawkeye Episode 2: End Declared! Who is the mystery woman? Who killed Father Kingpin?
Hawkeye Episode 2: End Declared! Who is the mystery woman? Who killed Father Kingpin?

Hawk eye is available to stream on Disney Plus! if you want to know the explanation of the end of episode 2, Read more! With Jeremy Renner reprising his role as Clint Barton in the MCU films, the six-part series sees the Avengers archer forced back into action just before the holidays begin, while he must hunt down another mysterious archer with his retired Ronin character. . When he learns that the person in question is Kate Bishop, they team up to quell a threat, kicking off the future Young Avenger’s career as a crime fighter. hawk eye arrived at Disney Plus this week with the first two episodes of the season. So if you have any questions about the end of episode 2 of Hawkeye and its cliffhanger, we’ll tell you everything!

Hawkeye Episode 2: End Declared!  Who is the mystery woman?  Who killed Father Kingpin?

Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending Explained: Who is the mystery woman?

In the first two episodes Clint and Kate’s paths cross after she grabs the Ronin suit (the bloodthirsty vigilante identity that Hawkeye has assumed between) Infinity War and Endgame) when discovering a black market auction. attended by her mother’s betrothed, a sinister character who will give much to talk about.

After an assault on the property, Kate decides to don vigilante gear to reduce the villains, who turn out to be old enemies of the Ronin, the gang known as the Tracksuit Mafia that now has her in their sights. Clint sees someone in the suit on the news and decides to go and find her and find Bishop who explains what happened, but the problem is that the mobsters have also found her and are firmly convinced that she is their old enemy .

Who is the mystery woman?

To try to free her from this threat, tthe avenger lets himself be kidnapped by them so their boss shows up and convinces them that Kate isn’t Ronin. At first, Clint herself points to another character in the shadows, presumably The Clown (Fra Fee), pretending to be the leader, but just then Kate, who has tracked down Clint’s cell phone, storms onto the scene to rescue him, but in reality he is captured by the mob.

And it’s in the final sequence when one of the henchmen goes into an adjacent room, a sinister room full of loudspeakers and lit by red lights, to warn a mysterious woman, who, by the way, is afraid he doesn’t understand, that they control both the avenger and the young bishop. It is then that the woman turns and shows the face of Alaqua Cox, whose identity in Marvel fiction is that of Maya Lopez, better known as Echo.


Although it looks like Alaqua Cox’s character in Hawkeye has Clint Burton, and now too Kate Bishop, in the spotlight and, despite her young age, is shown as the leader of the Tracksuit mafia, it has not yet been revealed what his plans are or what part he will play in the fate of the avenger and his protégé. Who is Echo anyway?

Who killed Kingpin’s father?

Although in the series the character of Alaqua Cox, who likes his alter ego in the cartoons, is deaf in real life – in fact, in the short sequence Maya puts her hand on the speakers to feel and “listen” to their vibrations before going outside to meet Clint and Kate – she runs like the leader of Clint and Kate’s kidnappers and the boss of the tracksuit mafia, actually she’s a hero in the Marvel comics.

Echo’s first appearance was in 1999, most notably in issue 9 of ‘s Daredevil comics Joe Quesada and David Mack and her real name is Maya Lopez, a Native American who was born deaf but gifted with other incredible skills. And it is that from a very young age Maya showed the ability to duplicate every physical movement she saw, powers very similar to those of task master, a villain who has already appeared in the UCM in Black Widow.

Who killed Kingpin's father?

And while Maya initially used these skills to excel in the art world, she took a darker path after the death of her father, who worked for the Kingpin. This prompted Wilson Fisk to adopt Maya and use her unique abilities to turn her into a deadly assassin. Kingpin put his powers to the test when he told him that Daredevil was responsible for his father’s death. Echo hunted Matt Murdock for revenge, which led her to discover the truth: It was the Kingpin who killed her father.

After freeing herself from the Kingpin’s control, Maya has adopted a new war name and this is where her connection to Hawkeye appears, since that alias was none other than Ronin. He first wore the black and gold ninja suit in the comics, although the MCU has already changed its story to make Clint the original Ronin. During her time as Ronin, Maya Lopez helped the New Avengers fight the Hand of Madame Hydra and also became part of the team to fight the Skrull invasion. It is therefore a character with a rich comic history and who will also have a long history in the UCM, since Marvel Studios is already working on the solo series of the character starring Alaqua Cox herself.

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