Happy Birthday Halsey: 6 times the singer proved she’s the queen of quirky selfies


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Halsey's mirror selfie in a cool look

Halsey’s coolest mirror selfie

Halsey celebrates her birthday on September 29 and as the singer turns 27, we take a look at her coolest selfies, that prove she is an absolute genius when it comes to the whole selfie game. The singer is known to capture some amazing moments through her selfies, including powerful ones too such as the one where she is seen breastfeeding her baby. Halsey is also known to use her social media to account to raise her voice and spread awareness about several relevant issues. We have to say, the singer’s Instagram account is a great mix of her personal memorabilia as well as the impressive way that she tries to use her influence for the good. Halsey who goes by the pronouns she/they, is one of the most popular artists who have opened up about being bisexual and has also never fails to raise her voice while trying to support the LGBTQIA community. On her birthday, we take a look at how the singer has managed to make her fans swoon with her amazing selfies. Among many of her amazing selfies, we love this mirror selfie that has her in the coolest out outfits. Check out more selfies that Halsey that are beyond cool.

Photo Credit : Instagram/Halsey

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