Hailee Steinfeld on playing Kate Bishop in Hawkeye: It’s a great privilege


Hailee Steinfeld recently opened up about her role in the upcoming movie, Hawkeye. In a radio interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM programme (November 22), Hailee admitted feeling lucky to play the role, which is going to be her Marvel debut role.

The actor said as per Just Jared, “I feel it’s a great privilege, and I’m very excited to be amongst [Black Widow and Captain Marvel],” she shared. “It’s an honor to be playing this incredibly determined and strong-willed and opinionated young woman. And I’m very excited for people to meet her and to see her in this show.” Hailee will be playing Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old who idolises Hawkeye (and is a pretty excellent archer herself), and becomes his heroic pupil throughout the course of the six-episode series.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Variety, the star confessed, “Kate Bishop is a character that I would have loved to have had growing up — somebody who is completely ambitious, driven and disciplined, and takes it upon herself to do whatever it is she has to do to achieve her goals,” she continued. “I am very excited for people to meet her.”  While Steinfeld is a newcomer to the Marvel Universe, Jeremy Renner has been portraying Clint Barton aka Hawkeye for almost a decade, first appearing in a cameo in 2011’s “Thor” before taking on the role of one of the original six Avengers in their 2012 team-up film. 

In addition to Kate, “Hawkeye” introduces other new characters with potentially long MCU careers, including Alaqua Cox, who portrays Maya Lopez aka Echo. Hawkeye will be released on Disney+, on November 24, 2021.

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