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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9 Video: Secrets of the Amulet



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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9 Video: Secrets of the Amulet

There are a few things you should know: good witch season 7, episode 9, and it starts with this: we’re close to the series finale. With only two episodes to go, imagine it’s moving pretty fast! It must.

So what’s the mystery at the heart of the show now? Think in terms of the moon with a red halo, and there’s one key to getting that right: the amulet. That seems to be a big part of what the upcoming episode titled “The Search” is all about. For some minor teases, you can find them courtesy of the promo below.

The biggest problem here is obviously finding that amulet. It won’t be easy! If so, would there really be an entire episode around it? If there’s a way to find out the truth about the moon, maybe there’s a way to keep its influence out of the Merriwick family for good. We to have to imagine many challenges ahead in this episode for Cassie, Abigail and Joy – not only that, but they also trickle down to others in their lives! You can see Sam even mentions that Cassie is stressed him emphasizes.

We just hope there’s a chance at some point to get a fix for this moon story before we get to the end of this season; otherwise it will feel like a pretty lame conclusion. It remains unclear how much the writers knew this season might be their last while they were working on it. That leaves us with a pretty personal pit in our stomach!

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