Fate Apocryphal Characters| Main characters of Anime| Seig and conquer (main character)


Japanese novels have a trend these days, especially when we talk about their television version, anime. Everyone likes to watch anime in their spare time, even I love animes, especially Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody, Yona of The Dawn and Cells At Work are my personal favorite animes, I forgot to add Fate Apocrypha, it’s my favorite too.

The anime is written by the Yūichirō Higashide with the illustration hand of Ototsugu Konoe. The publishing team behind the Fate Apocrypha is five volumes aired for about two years, from Dec 2012 until Dec 2014.

A manga adaptation shown by Akira Ishida is serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Comp Ace Magazine. A transformation of an anime television series by A-1 Pictures premiere in July 2017.

The story revolves around the name of the two characters Sticky and Rule, one is the male protagonist of the story while the line is the female one. The story revolves around both of them.

Fate Apocryphal main characters-

There are two most primary characters of the Fate Apocrypha anime, these two are the foundation of the show. The whole story revolves around win and Ruler, so we should have personal details about them soon.

Victory (male protagonist) –

Sieg is voiced by Natsuki Hanae for the Japanese language and Zach Aguilar for the English. He is the main character of the story added in the anime as the unnamed homunculus created by the Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia to protect the clan from the haters.

One day Sieg decided to leave his local continent and luckily he was founded by Astolfo. He was seriously injured and was rescued by the Gordes and Siegfried. Sieg needed a heart unless he died, so Siegfried decided to give his heart to him for his rejuvenation. Seigfried gives him a brand new life.

However, Sieg is given the chance to continue another life by Jeanne, but is forced to give the chance to his kindred homunculi, joins the Greater Grail War and turns into Astolfo’s lord after Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia is killed. Siegfried’s heart allows Sieg to transform into the Germanic saint for a short time, securing his troops and Noble Phantasm.

Fate Apocryphal Characters|  Main characters of Anime|  Seig and conquer (main character)

Ruler (female protagonist)-

Speaking of the second main character of the Fate Apocrypha anime, Ruler who is voiced by Maya Sakamoto (Japanese) Erik Harlacher (English). She is the female character with the spirit of

She is the soul of the authentic figure Joan of Arc, with the body of a standard French high school student named laeticia, whose appearance is basically the same as Jeanne. Laeticia generally stays in Jeanne’s inner mind, but occasionally collaborates with other characters.

From the beginning, Jeanne is ignorant of why she was gathered as ruler, in the past guaranteeing that the Greater Grail War is proceeding decently. Be that as it may, she learns that her real reason for being is to prevent Shirou Amakusa from seizing the conflict to satisfy his own desire.

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Jeanne helps win however, starting another life, has dreams that he will join the conflict regardless of her efforts to prevent it. She’s going for gaga win, but initially expect that these feelings have a place in laeticia.

rule female protagonist

Black faction groups of fate Apocryphal characters-

saber of black

voiced by Junichi Suwabe (Japanese) ben Pronsky (English). Gordes music Yggdmillennias Servant. Siegfried, known as the Dragon-blooded Knight, appeared in the Nibelungenlied, as a caring, courageous figure who killed the mythical serpent Fafnir, washed in his blood and became immortal.

Sagittarius of Black

Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia’s servant. The Greek saint and centaur, Chiron, appears as a human to hide his character. The quiet, insightful, and loyal Chiron serves Fiore well, but convinces Caules that his sister doesn’t have the guts to be a magician. Chiron’s wish is to recapture his lost eternity.

Achilles is added as the Rider of Red. He belongs to one of Chiron’s understudies, and they share a controversial competition throughout the story. Chiron and Astolfo decided to be there with the last Servants of black until Participate in battle against the Red group, Chiron is crushed in a duel with Achilles, but uses his Noble Phantasm, “Antares Snipe”, to Achilles‘own eternal status with a divine bolt.

Lancer of Black

The Lancer of the Black is voiced by the Koji Yusa for the Japanese version and Chris Niosic for the English version. Originally Feend for Sembren’s Servant and later Shirou Kotomine’s Servant. An Indian demigod who appears in the Mahabharata, famous for his indomitable will and archery, but here he was summoned as Lancer.

Karna appears as a white-haired man with pale skin and golden armor. Although Karna is portrayed as cold and aloof, she shows loyalty to his master, Feed for sembren, whom he never meets in the story, and obeys Shirou Amakusa’s orders without question.

Rider of Black, Berserker from Black, caster of black, and Killer of Black are also the ret four members of the group.

fate apocrypha characters

Masters of Fate apocryphal characters!

  • Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia
  • Gordes Music Yggdmillennia
  • Forvedge Yggdmillennia flower
  • Caulas Forvedge Yggdmillennia
  • Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia
  • Roche Frain Yggdmillennia

Fate Apocrypha Master Characters-

  • Shirou Kotomine
  • Kairi Shishigou
  • Jean Rum
  • Rottweil Berzinsky
  • Feend vor Sembren
  • Cut Pentel
  • Deimlet Pentel

Masters of Fate Apocryphal Characters

So we covered everything in this post about the Fate Apocryphal Master, if you have any questions about this, let me know in the comment section. Also tell us who your favorite character from Fate is.

Now it’s time to say goodbye, hope to see you again in our next post.

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