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The ninth episode of the popular Indian drama serial “Fanaa” is all set to air on Colors Tv. In the episode, Agastya creates circumstances that bring Pakhi closer to him. Meanwhile, the relationship between Ishaan and Pakhi comes under scrutiny as Ishaan doubts Agastya. In this article, we’ll find out how Agastya responds to Ishaan’s doubts and how Pakhi ends up getting closer to him.

Guilt Trip Pakhi asks Agastya to take rest

During the Guilt Trip episode of The Walking Dead, Pakhi asks Agastya for a rest on 9th April 2022 because she feels like she’s been slacking off at work for a long time. She asks him not to worry about her and tells her that she’s been watching her for years. This makes Agastya feel happy and confident.

After getting back to the hotel, Agastya knocks on the door and threatens the person inside. He promises the person to throw a marriage party, but Pakhi refuses. She thinks that she needs to make good food for Agastya, and that she’s made a commitment to him. Prema tells her to make some tea, but Pakhi thinks it tastes bitter. Prema tells her to make some more. When she returns, she’s upset, telling her that she has full rights to the house and diamond bangles. She also tells Pakhi that today is the day that Agastya has her “pehli rasoi ritual”.

Agastya creates circumstances to bring Pakhi closer to him

In order to get closer to his daughter-in-law, Agastya has created a series of circumstances for Pakhi to fulfill her wishes. Pakhi’s father is very rich, and Neelima believes that she’s the perfect fit for Agastya. Agastya, however, overhears her words and scolds her for badmouthing Pakhi. In an attempt to sway Pakhi, Agastya goes inside to ask her to marry him.

The story revolves around Agastya, who is deeply in love with Pakhi and is willing to go to any length to win her over. Despite his best intentions, he doesn’t even know that he is influencing her life to get closer to his beloved. The show shows how Agastya secretly spies on Pakhi using cameras to watch every move she makes.

Agastya’s relationship with Ishaan

The story of Agastya and Ishaan’s love affair revolves around a woman who was in love with one of the characters. While the love for the woman was strong, it never consumed him. He continued living life and meeting his goals, ensuring that his relationship status did not hinder his personal growth. The storyline also deals with the complex emotions that arise when a man falls in love.

In the movie, Agastya and Ishaan fall in love. Pakhi and Ishaan’s relationship begins when the two were young and adored each other. However, despite this, Agastya and Ishaan do not see each other much. The two women eventually get back together and begin dating. Ishaan is also attracted to Pakhi.

Ishaan’s doubt on Agastya

The latest twist in the storyline of Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan has increased the audience’s curiosity. It has been seen that Agastya has spotted Ishaan. The question is – will he get back to Pakhi and how will his doubt impact her? Watch this video to find out.

The nurse gets shocked when Virat expresses his doubt on Agastya. She explains that she doesn’t know anything, but she has been hired to look after Ishaan. She also comes to Agastya’s office. She tells Pakhi that she will keep her office the same. Agastya is happy with her idea. She then shows Pakhi her new office space, and she feels comfortable. Pakhi asks if the new space gives her a home feeling. Ishaan is also shocked and wishes that Tanya was with Agastya.

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