Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update


Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update

We’ve all heard that Pakhi and Ishaan have been having an affair and now the eighth episode of Fanaa has aired! However, how did this happen? What did they decide to do? What is their relationship with Pakhi? And what does Pakhi think about Pakhi blindfolding herself? Read on to find out! This Fanaa 8th April 2022 Written Update will reveal all!


The Ishaan Fanaa team will face a very tough time in the upcoming episode of the show. In this episode, we will see Agastya being injured, and Pakhi being paralyzed. We will also see Agastya and Ishaan undergoing a painful process. Hence, we will have to wait for a while before we can find out how this will end.

In the last episode of Ishaan Fanaa, Agastya is shocked to learn that Pakhi had fallen in love with him. Pakhi is hurt but does not give up on her relationship with Ishaan. She decides to go ahead with their relationship despite the situation. After they are done, Ishaan’s mother Agastya will visit them at home and tell them about the romantic moment.

Natasha’s relationship with Pakhi

We are all curious about Natasha’s relationship with Pakhi. But what is the real reason for this? In this episode, we will find out. During the episode, Pakhi comes to know that Agastya has come to her home to see her. But when she finds out that Agastya has visited her, she is shocked. In addition, she doesn’t know why he has come to visit her. Then, she starts blaming Ishaan for everything that happened.

Agastya is angry at this point, but she is too young to know how to react to her anger. She doesn’t even notice that Agastya is angry. Instead, she complies with her request. She blindfolds her eyes and then drags her to a secret room. Upon finding her, Agastya shoots himself in the chest.

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