Fanaa 15th April 2022 Written Update

Fanaa 15th April 2022 Written Update
Fanaa 15th April 2022 Written Update


Fanaa has returned to our screens after a year’s break. In this new episode of the popular TV series, we see Sameer’s intense revenge, Pakhi’s refusal to give blood, and the heartbreaking news that Virat has finally apologized to Pakhi. We also get to know more about Sameer’s motivation for wanting revenge and Neelima’s refusal to tell the truth about Agastya’s whereabouts.

Sameer’s intense revenge

Sameer’s intense revenge in Fanaya 15th April 2022 is a plotline that follows two main characters in the same episode. In the episode, Sameer asks Neelima to open up to him, because he wants to know the real story of Pakhi and Agastya. But, she refuses to cooperate with Sameer, and she is shattered when she sees the photos that she has taken of the two of them. Virat also tries to persuade Pakhi to go with him, but she refuses.

Sameer is disgusted and worried about the fate of Agastya. He is unable to understand why Agastya has suddenly fainted. She asks him to keep an eye on Agastya. Mohit is shocked to learn that Sameer is worried about his sister, but he is determined to find out why. So, he leaves the house and goes to the secret hideout where Pakhi lives.

Pakhi’s refusal to give blood

The episode begins with the family worrying over Pakhi’s refusal to give blood. She tells them she will call them later and she is a bit insecure about it. However, she reassures them that she will be alright and she will tell them about the romance set up between her and Ishaan. Agastya, who is worried about Pakhi, reminds her that she had switched off her mobile before and she hasn’t been using it since.

After Pakhi tells the story, Ayesha is awake and asking for food. Pakhi tells her and the nurse that she can take out the oxygen tube for five minutes. She asks Ishaan if he’ll leave. Ishaan asks her to explain herself. She says that the nurse told her that taking the tube out for five minutes wouldn’t hurt Ayesha.

Virat’s apology to Pakhi

On the eve of their wedding, Virat and Pakhi are having an argument. Pakhi, however, is upset and decides to take the matter to the police. Virat tries to explain the incident to Pakhi but fails and she demands that he apologize to her. After Virat agrees to make a formal apology, she leaves the room. Virat and Pakhi are at loggerheads, and Virat is unsure of which to do.

The episode begins with Pakhi asking Virat to stop eating dinner in his room, where he and Sayi had used to eat. Virat, however, expresses his rage by asking her if there’s anything wrong with the Dinning table. Virat tells her that he has to punish Pulkit, and promises to bring her back to the Chavan’s house.

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