Fanaa 12th April 2022 Written Update



This week in the ongoing Indian soap opera, Fanaa, the story of Ayesha and Mohit will see a lot of twists and turns. We will see the characters’ relationship develop further, while our favourite character, Mohit, will be confronted by a new threat. This week in the show, Shanaya will try to save her brother. But she will not be able to do so.

Revenge track Pakhi asks Agastya to let’s go shopping

In the third episode of the sixth season, Pakhi asks Agastya for a shopping date on the day of the wedding. This time, she is determined to make Agastya accept his crimes. However, this may not happen easily. The two get into an argument and Agastya threatens to kill Mohit.

Agastya and Pakhi are both at the airport and Agastya is worried about their safety. She is worried about escaping from the airport, but Agastya asks her not to worry. She will buy winter clothes after the security check. She worries that she will have to go by herself and hopes that Mohit will send help. Then, Agastya finds out that Pakhi is at the airport and she can’t get through the men’s security check line. But, she doesn’t let Agastya pass the security check.

Ishaan’s condition worsens

After the last episode, the villagers find out about Ishaan’s condition. He is in critical condition and has been suffering from severe headaches and dizziness. He is also being hounded by Agastya, who comes to Ishaan’s home and tries to stop him. He is thwarted by Agastya, who runs after him, telling him to stop.

The nurse tells Ishaan’s condition to Pakhi, who is in love with Agastya. He is beaten up and becomes a violent drunk. Pakhi is distraught as she finds out that Agastya is lying to her and has been snatching Ishaan from her. She also confronts the nurse, accusing him of deceiving her.

agasthya injects medicine to keep him from waking up

During the climax of the episode, Agastya is found in a coma, and the Doctor is called to perform an injection. He gives Agastya an injection of medicine similar to that given to Ishaan. Maya thinks that Agastya is trying to blackmail him, but Agastya says that the medicine he gave Ishaan is not easily available.

After the climax, Agastya calls Pakhi and asks him to come with her. She says that the ring will be a great reward for Agastya, but he’s not willing to do it. Afterwards, Pakhi goes to check on Ishan. He asks the nurse to go with him and find out what happened.

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