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Ever since Clubhouse gained popularity, there have been reports about how Facebook is working on an app that works on similar lines.
Now, the NPE Team (new product experimentation) from the social networking tech giant has launched Hotline. The app is currently in the public beta testing stage and said to be a mix of Instagram Live and Clubhouse. The platform isn’t available for people in India, however, wherever it’s available, there’s no audience size limit as of now.
This means that this app allows users to not only allow users to communicate via audio but live video as well.
A report by TechCrunch explains that Hotline seems to be inspired by Clubhouse as its user interface looks similar to it with a speaker section placed on the top and event host being featured in a round profile icon or live video stream.
However, unlike Clubhouse, the app requires users to sign in with Twitter and verify their identity via SMS. Also, Hotline events are also automatically recorded. At the end of the session, the host is said to receive mp3 and mp4 recordings of the session that they can edit and share on other social media platforms.
According to the report, the Hotline app allows the audience to type in their questions, then join the host “on stage,” when it’s their turn. Further, as the questions are asked, they can react with emoji including clapping hands, fire, heart, laughter, surprise and thumbs up.
Last month, it was reported that a Clubhouse-like feature may come to the main Facebook app too. Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi had spotted a code that allows users to choose the type of room they want in Messenger Rooms. The options include a private audio room with friends, a private video room and a live audio broadcast to listeners in a room.

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