‘Face Time With Feinberg’: The Downside of As-Many-As-Want Nomination Ballots


On this week’s episode of Face Time With Feinberg, a video series for The Hollywood Reporter on which I spout off about an awards-related topic, I talk about a 2017 change to the Emmys voting procedure that is having unintended consequences, as best exhibited by the recent nominations for the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

That year, the TV Academy began instructing its members to select as many candidates on their nomination ballot as they deem worthy of a nomination, as opposed to a fixed number corresponding to the number of slots for eventual nominees. (“Vote for as many achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of a nomination.”)

I would submit that this is how we wound up this year with a handful of popular shows utterly dominating the acting categories — Saturday Night Live (11 noms), The Handmaid’s Tale (10), The Crown (nine), Ted Lasso (seven) and, yes, Hamilton (seven).

Many of these shows’ nominated performances were excellent — but so, too, were many other performances that were bounced by them because, I would submit, they never got a fair hearing. Check out the video for more.

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