Experts say COVID-22 will be the deadliest variant yet, Delta, Gamma and Beta variants will together form a super strain of Coronavirus

According to an immunologist, there is a new variant of COVID called โ€œCOVID-22โ€ and may be even more deadly than the Delta variant.

Immunologist Professor Dr Sai Reddy, who works at ETH Zurich in the Department of Biosystems Science & Engineering in Switzerland, says the Delta variant is simply a harbinger of an even worse kind of thing to come.

According to Reddy, everyone should prepare that COVID-22 will be worse than what we are experiencing now and that this was inevitable with the current variants circulating. They will combine to create even more deadly species.

According to Reddy, the dominant viruses are Delta in the US and India, Beta in South Africa and Gamma in Brazil.

These will eventually combine to form a super strain that Reddy calls COVID-22 and he said vaccines need to be prepared.

This virus may have โ€œescape mutationsโ€ that work to evade vaccines, making them less effective.

This has been seen in the Beta tribe.

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