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Indian actor Nakul Roshan Sahdev broke into the entertainment industry as the main antagonist in a television series back in 2010. Since then, he has starred in minor roles in films and series, before finally making a mark in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boy’. Now, the actor is all set for the release with his upcoming projects, the first one being Sanya Malhotra‘s ‘Pagglait‘. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Nakul talks about the effort he puts in to make his work stand out, and also opened up about the obstacles he has faced so far. Excerpts:

You have three upcoming projects, ‘Pagglait’, ‘Candy’, and ‘Farrey’…

I am really excited. After the lockdown, luckily I had two back-to-back projects, for which I was out of Mumbai for four-and-a-half months; I went to Ranchi, then Nainital, and then also shot for a while in Manali. Not just the shoot, I also had a great time travelling. All-in-all, it was an enriching experience, that helped me improve my craft.

Which film are you most excited about?

All three projects lie in different parts of the country. ‘Pagglait’ is all set in Lucknow, the other one in Bihar, and the third one in the mountains. I feel lucky to explore three different worlds. ‘Pagglait’ is an out-and-out statement on society. All the characters that I will be portraying in my projects are going to be unique and distinctive. ‘Candy’ is one film that I am really looking forward to and not just because of the script, but because of the people I met. When you meet people like Richa Chadha, your perspective towards life changes. She is truly wonderful!

How do you prep up for the roles?

I don’t have a particular approach, but I can say I take ‘outside in’ things ‘inside out’; I want to absorb the outer world in such a way that it allows me to enhance my craft on screen. Every time I have a location shoot, I go there prior to the date of the shoot, to absorb the place. The ability to be insecure and vulnerable makes you a better actor. If you are just sticking by the words in the script, then there’s no room for improvisation. I remember telling my ‘Candy’ director that I’d surprise him every day with my craft.

Are you happy with the way things are shaping up for you?

Previously, I was in a very insecure space. Sometimes there’s work, sometimes there isn’t any. Now, gradually, that is changing.

How challenging is it for an outsider to have consistent work?

There will be a moment in your life, where you’d be contemplating, and doubting your self but now I have a vision for myself. I learned that it’s not the number of auditions you get but how you are always ready to make your presence noteworthy with that one audition you get, that matters. You just have to make that one audition count! Try and prepare yourself from multiple angles.

What are the kind of challenges you are facing now?

I am trying to manage my time better; I start getting calls in the middle of a project. I have waited for so long to make my opportunities count.

One thing which really inspires you about the industry…

I get to give empathy and love to people around me. Getting the right sense of attachment and detachment from a project is something I’ve really learnt. I have done ‘Gully Boy’ but I cannot bank on that film and let the fame, it brought me go to my head if I want to move forward. If you have a vision for yourself, your heart and mind will definitely figure out the way!

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