Exclusive interview! Alaya F on receiving her Filmfare Best Debut Award for ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ by Kabir Bedi: I could see he was so proud and I was so grateful – Times of India

Pooja Bedi’s daughter Alaya F, who is one of the most popular star kids on the block currently, made her debut in 2020 with ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ alongside Saif Ali Khan and Tabu. She recently bagged the Filmfare Award for Best Debut Female and took home the prestigious Black Lady. She received the award from her grandfather Kabir Bedi which was like a cherry on the cake for her. ETimes got in touch with the budding actress to speak about her big win. Excerpts:

I met you at the Filmfare red carpet after you won the award and I could see that you couldn’t hold back your excitement. How does it feel to take the Black Lady home?

(Laughs) The excitement is just constant. It almost feels like a stamp of approval and validation for all the work that I had put in prior to my first movie. It also serves as great motivation to keep putting in consistent work. I think it has been a wonderful balance; it has made me feel like so much was worth it but it has also pushed me to want so much more. This is the goal I had for a really long time and achieving it is wonderful because it allows me to set new goals. It’s a wonderful feeling, to feel like you are moving in the correct direction and making the right choices, and that you are putting work in the correct way. There is so much uncertainty, and you are never sure if you are doing the right thing, especially for me because I make all my decisions independently. I have the first and the last say in everything I do. Sometimes it is a little scary especially when you are so new or trying to figure things out. It’s a very good feeling. I still sometimes find it a little hard to fathom–my film released and the world went into lockdown. I had a lot of uncertainty. So this was very reassuring for me.

You received your first Filmfare award from your grandfather Kabir Bedi. It has to be extremely special…

It is very special. You picture it in so many ways when you are dreaming about it or trying to manifest it, but I never pictured it this way. So it superseded everything that I could have imagined because there was so much pure emotion and love at that moment. What better way to receive one of those meaningful awards that you will ever receive than to do it in the presence of pure love. I could see he was so proud and I was so grateful. There were just a lot of wonderful emotions at that moment. It was also so calming to have him by my side while I gave my speech because I was so all over the place (laughs). It was very grounding for me.

How did you celebrate the big win? Did you get in touch with the ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ team?

Of course! I got so many wonderful messages from the team before I could wake up in the morning and message all of them. I think a lot of people were very proud and that made me very happy to be able to make so many people proud. That is one of my biggest goals in life, to consistently make the people, who believed in me, proud. I am very blessed to have a lot of people who really believed in me. To see them so happy and full of pride is one of the best rewards I could get.

Due to Covid-19, I couldn’t celebrate it. But I went to meet my dad at his place, had a little brunch there. My mom came back from Goa and surprised me. Both my parents were extremely emotional and happy. I met my teachers, who, too, were very proud; they are a big reason behind me getting this award. Many small celebrations.

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