Exclusive! Dharmendra on his COVID Test: “Thank God I’ve tested negative” – Times of India

Yesterday, ETimes broke the news that three people from the Deol household staff have tested positive for COVID-19. We also told you that Dharmendra had rushed to undergo a test as a precautionary measure. The news now is that Dharamji has tested negative and there is relief in the Deol family.

A source says, “The people who have been infected are being well looked after by Dharamji and he has isolated them away from the other family members, separately. He is doing all that it takes to keep families safe.”

When contacted, Dharmendra said, “God has been kind to me. I’ve tested negative. I really don’t know what is happening with this second COVID wave which is definitely crazy. The situation has to quickly come under control, else things are really getting out of hand.”

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