Everson Griffen apologizes to Kirk Cousins ​​for tweets from earlier this year

Green Bay Packers - Minnesota Vikings

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Yes, the Vikings signed a defensive end that once said the team’s starting quarterback is “ass”.

Everson Griffen, a longtime member of the team that played for the Cowboys and Lions in 2020, posted a few tweets in January that he regrets Kirk Cousins. Via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer PressGriffen told reporters Monday that he will apologize to Cousins ​​for the messages.

“I am I’m just going to talk to Kirko and apologize to him and have a man-to-man conversation and we’ll leave it be,” Griffen said.

Griffen, in addition to tweeting that Cousins ​​is “ass,” said this: “To ask [coach Mike] Zimmer if he wanted Kirk????”

Zimmer told reporters Monday that Griffen will be a “situational player” with the Vikings. Defensive tackle Michael Pierce will enable Griffen to reclaim No. 97.

Apologies or not, the fact that the Vikings brought back Griffen after what he said about cousins ​​can be interpreted as a slap to cousins. Clap or not, it comes at a time when Zimmer is definitely annoyed by the quarterback’s illogical anti-vaccine stance, especially since it means cousins ​​will be tested every day, and if he tests positive, he’ll automatically be gone for at least at least 10 days.

So actually, in a moment of candor and/or after a few glasses of Caymus, Zimmer might very well agree right now with Griffen’s two-word description earlier in the year.

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