Did you know Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Versace dress at the 42nd Grammy Awards led to the creation of Google Images ? – Times of India

Yes you heard it right! Back in 2000, when the internet was just begin to take baby steps for walking through countries, it was the ‘On The Floor’ singer Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Versace dress which caught a bizarre attention from all over the world and created a history for a lifetime ! The dress led to the creation of Google’s image search function.

The dazzling diva went on to walk the prestigious red carpet at 42nd Grammy Awards, donning a jungle print maxi outfit in shades of green. The now-iconic emerald silk chiffon dress, which flowed all the way down to below the navel, broke as well built the internet as it became the ‘most popular search history’

The dress also redefined fashion, and opened new doors for how an artist can approach a bold red carpet look. The dress has now become an evergreen search for Google. According to Cathy Edwards, the director for engineering and product for Google images, shared in a chat with a Hollywood portal that the company was only two years old, with a very small number of employees, and everyone there at the time felt the need to build an image search engine but weren’t sure how much priority to give it. When the Lopez dress moment happened, that’s when they realised how essential it was.

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