Dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022, DDJ Season 2022 Rishi Kapoor Tribute Today


Dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022

dance Deewane Jr 1st May 2022 written update: Episode 4 Cast, Next Guest and selected contestants, Watch the entire episode online on the Voot App

Colors Dance reality TV series Dance Deewane Juniors showcases their talented juniors with a variety of backgrounds and stories.

Dance Deewane Juniors is getting popularity due to their extremely talented kids who are more than professionals.

The new commercial for Dance Dewaane Junior (1.05.2022) to be released this weekend, gave us a glimpse Neetu Kapoor dancing along to Rishi Kapoor’s hit track “Dafliwaale” as a way to honor her deceased husband and to thank the audience for pouring out love on her family.

In the most recent commercial from Dance Deewaane Junior, the judges and contestants in Dance Diwane Junior pay a tribute to Rishi Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor is emotional in her performance.

Neetu Kapoor has said Neetu Kapoor says Rishi Kapoor is definitely looking down from the heavens and blessing youngsters with blessings.

In the most recent promos from Dance Diwane Juniors (1 May 2022), Karan Kundra enjoys his time with contestants of DDJ on stage and discusses the excitement and vibes of the show.

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Dancing Deewane Senior 1st Mai 2022 Update to Episode The Latest Promo:

dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022 Written Update:

The current Episode of Dance Deewane Junior 1st May 2022 begins with the diverse dancing performances that introduce DD Juniors 2022 which amaze the judges with the number of competition juniors offer each other in coming episodes.

The updated script will be updated following the show’s telecasts through Colors TV or uploaded on Voot.


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