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Coronavirus Symptoms Vs Allergy Signs: Allergy, vaccine side-effects or COVID symptoms? How to tell the difference




It’s important to note that a person CAN get infected by COVID if they do not get complete shots of the vaccine, and become complacent. Only 14 days after your second shot will you be considered fully immunized, post which chances of symptomatic infection go down considerably. So, a person remains very much at risk for catching COVID after getting jabbed and hence, any unusual signs and symptoms must not be ruled out.

Coming to the post-vaccination side-effects, the ones being most commonly reported right now include fever, backache, body pain, fatigue, malaise, lethargy, pain at the injection site, rashes or swelling.

A COVID-19 infection may cause a lot of these symptoms, but rashes and swelling are not widely seen or may strike everyone. Pain at the injection site and swelling are also classic vaccine-side effects.

Again, do remember that a vaccine, in all probability, wouldn’t set off symptoms like a cough, sore throat, distorted/impaired sense of smell or taste/ breathing difficulty, chest pain or gastrointestinal symptoms. If you do happen to experience symptoms like this after vaccination and/or suspect exposure, get help.


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