Cook With Comali 3 1st May 2022 CWC 3, 2 Wildcard Contestants, Immunity Winner


Cook With Comali 3 1st May 2022

Cook with Comali 3 1st May 2022 CWC 3 Written Update: Episode 30 Watch the entire episode online The Watch Full Episode Online, Band Contest Winner

Cooku together with Comali 3 is an cook show on Star Vijay in which contestants demonstrate their culinary skills while Comalis cooks with them, making the show more enjoyable.

The latest promotional for Cooku and Comali Season 3 (01-05-2022) to promote the coming episode begins with Anchor Rakshan unveiling the entry of two contestants who are wildcards.

Two wildcard entries from CWC 3 are Blacksheep fame “Chutti Aravind ” and Sarpatta Parambarai fame “Vettai Muthukumar”.

Muthukumar collaborates together with comali Bharath in this episode. Aravind is paired together with Adirchi Arun.

The latest promo from Cooku and Comali (1 May 2022) shows the judges announcing their first benefit task of the week , namely “Pomegranate Juice task”.

The cooks who can present the most amount of juice from pomegranate will be named the winner.

Manimegalai has fun with Wildcard Contestant Muthukumar. Bharath attempts to make the juice of pomegranates.

To learn more about you can to download Cook with Comali Season 3 or stream the full episodes on Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.30 PM and on Sunday at 9.00 pm and Disney+Hotstar.

Cooku with The Comali Season 3 1st May 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Cook with The Comali Update 1st May 20, 2022

The current episode of Cook with Comali 3 1st May 2022 features the cooks anchor Rakshan and comalis dancing with Rowdy Baby.

Anchor Rakshan is then the anchor to welcome contestants, judges and comalis on the stage. The judges announce who won the prize as Vidyu Manimegalai and Lekha.

They announce the principal cooking challenge of this week to be “Open Topic Challenge” “Open Topic Challenge” this is to reduce competition for fresh wildcard submissions.

Contestants are able to choose any topic they want to cook dishes with it within the time they are given. All cooks and comalis become excited about the announcement.

Chef Venkatesh Bhat and Damu announce that the Cook-Comali couple that cooks the best meal today will receive with a huge refrigerator each. The contestants as well as the comalis leap with joy when they hear about the surprise present.

The winner of the task with the advantage Vidyu Lekha has the ability to use her advantage to beat anyone and keep them occupied in the darkroom throughout the cooking process. Manimegalai demands Vidyu make use of the advantage she has against Grace.

Vidyu Lekha exploits her advantage over Grace Karunas. Sunitha engages in a humorous debate with Manimegalai about this.

Surprised by everyone, and to everyone’s delight, KPY fame TSK enters the CWC3 sets to reveal the obstacle assignment that was revealed for this week.

TSK entertains the audience on sets with his hilarious performance. He imitates Kollywood Star Suriya and makes amusement for all judges as well as contestants and the comalis.

Judges announce start in the time of cooking. The contestants and the compalis gather their ingredients and begin cooking.

Everyone puts in their full effort to create a spectacular dish that will impress the guests in the refrigerator. The cooks and the comalis have an incredible team with the obstacle task. The judges are also involved to make it more enjoyable.

While Grace Karunas is cooking, Grace Karunas enters the darkroom, and she loses five minute cooking time. After the their time, the contestants are required to present their dishes the presence of judges.

The judges congratulate everyone’s efforts. They applaud and acknowledge the efforts of the contestants with wild cards who did their best and to match other contestants.

Judges announce top three winners of the main competition in the form of Aravind, Shruthika, Grace and Muthu Kumar.

The second benefit task is described in the form of “Ivy Gourd Challenge”

The contestants and comalis collaborate efficiently to win the prize. They are required to present their dish before the judges.

The judges congratulate all contestants for their imagination and dedication.

The winner is announced by the name of Grace Karunas. She along with Sunitha receive the prize in the refrigerator.

Shruthika as well Kureshi have been announced as runners up.

The end of today’s Cook with Comali 3 1st May 2022 episode.


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