Connie Britton Recalls Waiting for Spirits With ‘The White Lotus’ Co-Star Jennifer Coolidge

Connie Britton shared the humorous story of a ghostly night she spent with her The White Lotus castmate Jennifer Coolidge during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday

The Friday Night Lights actress explained how she was in New Orleans when Coolidge, who Britton refers to as a “national treasure,” texted an invitation to her home that evening. Coolidge then added a fascinating follow-up: “No matter what, even if it’s late, you have to come because I feel like the spirits are really strong tonight.”

After arriving at Coolidge’s grand home, Britton said she waited approximately 10 minutes before she was let into the Victorian-style house that was “completely candlelit.” She recalled feeling like she was “walking into a house from the 1800s” but also “a haunted house.”

Britton continued, “We went back to her back terrace and ate pizza and drank wine until one in the morning, waiting for the spirits to show up.” Unfortunately, there weren’t any ghosts who wanted to crash their dinner. Britton and Meyers joked that Coolidge must have been the spirit they were waiting for.

The two acclaimed actresses starred together in the HBO hit The White Lotus from creator Mike White. In the satirical limited series, which was filmed on location at the Four Season Resort in Maui, Hawaii, Britton played a wealthy mom on vacation with her family. Coolidge portrayed a rich woman dealing with the recent death of her mother. 

“It’s a fascinating experience,” Britton told Meyers of the show’s success. “There’s so much conversation around the shows of the season. Now we’re the conversation.” She also credited White for being a “brilliant creator. “We’re just little pawns, little robots in his crazy crazy world,” she quipped.

Britton also explained that the series offers an assessment of “ourselves as a culture.” “We can clearly look at these characters and see that they are hideous…We can freely look at ourselves because we have to be better than they are and we can laugh. That’s a really good way to make a little commentary about what’s happening in the world.”

The White Lotus secured a second-season renewal with the sophomore season set to follow a different group of vacationers at a different White Lotus hotel property.

All episodes are available to stream on HBO Max. Watch the interview below.

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