Choti Sarrdaarni 13th April 2022 Written Update


Choti Sarrdaarni

Today’s “Choti Sarrdaarni” written update is going to cover a lot of storylines and twists! We’ll get a sneak peek of Meher’s pregnancy and Kulwant’s rage against Harleen! Plus, Sarab’s revenge and Anand Rao’s heart burn! Continue reading to find out all the details!

Meher’s pregnancy

The upcoming television show Choti Sarrdaarni is set in the year 2022, during the era of the sardanis, who are renowned for their independence. The plot of the show revolves around Meher, a single mother, being coerced by her mother into marriage with Sarabjeet, a widower with a young child. As Meher is expecting her lover’s child, she must choose whether to accept it or fight for her love. In Choti Sarrdaarni’s pregnancy on 13th April 2022, a sardani, Meher, is a fierce independent woman who refuses to compromise and fight for her love.

Kulwant’s anger at Harleen

The first episode starts with Sarabjeet and Mehr talking about their feelings for each other. Mehr is worried that he might lose his life if Harleen marries him. Harleen gives him open-air tickets and also offers to consult a gynecologist so that she can abort her child. Roby also talks to an unknown lady on the phone.

Sarab’s revenge

The third episode of the fourth season of the popular television drama “Dhamaal” will focus on the revenge plot of Choti Sarrdaarni, a woman who murdered her husband, Kulwant. The plot is tense as Sarab tries to convince Kulwant to attend the funeral, but Daarji does not let Amrit go. Meher tries to convince him that Amrit is innocent, but Daarji refuses. Eventually, Meher convinces him to let her come back as long as she can prove her innocence.

Anand Rao’s heart burn

If you’re wondering when the next episode of Choti Sarrdaarni will air on TV, you’re not alone. This Hindi-Punjabiromantic drama television series premiered on 1 July 2019 on Colors TV. It stars Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as the titular sarrdaarni, and Mahir Pandhi as her male counterpart.

Sai’s understanding of Shivani’s pain

While watching Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin, one cannot help but understand the deep pain of Shivani and her husband. In this day and age, every day life is full of drama, twists and turns. During this episode, Shivani and Rajiv try to reconcile and make up for their broken hearts. However, amidst all of the drama, Rajiv and Sai face an uphill task. After the marriage ceremony, they are both left in shock and anger. Luckily, Anurag is in the right place to help them.

Karan’s relationship with Kulwant

The story revolves around Kulwant’s relationship with a girl who lives in his village. Kulwant met this girl 20 years ago, when Meher was still alive. Harnoor was in love with Meher, but her mother refused to accept the girl because she was married. Kulwant reflects on the incident, and realizes he has loved the girl all along.

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