Choti Sarrdaarni 12th April 2022 Written Update


Choti Sarrdaarni

If you’re watching Choti Sarrdaarni on television, then you’ve probably been curious about how the story of the show will end. Throughout the episodes, there have been some dramatic twists and turns. Kulwant’s confession, Shivani’s decision to marry Rajveer, and Rudra’s reaction to Sandhya’s pregnancy are all topics of discussion. In this article, you’ll learn more about all the twists and turns of the episode.

Dramatic twists in episode

The drama continues with the new plot twists in the latest episode of Choti Sarrdaarni. Choti Sarrdaarni 12th April 2022 Written Update is written in text format. The written episode starts at the IST time. To watch Choti Sarrdaarni 12th April 2022 Written Update, stay tuned to

Kulwant’s confession

Kulwant reveals that he loves the girl, but she hasn’t told him the truth yet. She asks him to tell the truth, but Kulwant laughs at her. The two are left alone, with Kulwant thinking about Harleen. However, the two are finally reunited.

Shivani’s decision to marry Rajveer

The wedding of Seher and Rajveer is set to take place on October 16, but Seher is not happy about the whole scenario. She wants Rajveer to marry her sister, but her family is against this. It is quite difficult to believe that Rajveer will marry a girl who is so close to her. However, the storyline is extremely sweet. Seher is extremely close to Rajveer and the two have a great bond.

Rudra’s reaction to Sandhya’s pregnancy

As the series progresses, Sandhya’s pregnancy becomes a topic of conversation in the family. Sarab, a former soldier, is very pleased about this development and is glad that his daughter has a nurse who is caring for her. However, Sandhya is still having trouble keeping her true identity from Sarab, and we will see whether he is ready to accept her as his nurse.

Karan’s reaction to Shivani’s love for Pulkit

As the series nears its finale, the audience wants to know how the Choti Sarrdaarni’ character will react to Shivani’s love for Pulkit. In a recent interview, Choti Sarrdaarni discussed how she feels about Shivani’s love for Pulkit, but she remains unconvinced. She also said that it is difficult to play Meher after Shivani’s love for Pulkit.

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