Choti Sarrdaarni 11th April 2022 Written Update


Choti Sarrdaarni

The upcoming episode of Choti Sarrdaarni is all about Revenge! Meher is worried about Param’s attitude toward studies and playing outside. He seems to be choosing his tablet over his friends! Is he going crazy? Find out in the latest Choti Sarrdaarni written update. Here are the plot points of this episode! Have a look!

Revenge track Pakhi asks Agastya to go shopping

In the upcoming episode of ‘Revenge’, Pakhi asks Agastya for a shopping spree. She’s desperate to get the two men back and so she convinces him to take her out. However, after a failed attempt to rescue Ishaan, Agastya traps him in Fana. Upon confronting Agastya, Pakhi closes her mouth and tells Ishaan that it was the right thing to do.

Seher prays to God for Kulwant

As the girl’s mother has died, Seher is worried that Harnoor will not accept the new baby. Seher asks Kulwant about this. He remembers how Harnoor came to his family 20 years back when Meher was still alive. Harnoor resisted the girl’s arrival but Kulwant consoles him and promises to find her.

Seher tells Bittu about Rajiv’s abandonment of Shivani

During a conversation with Karan, Harleen reveals that she had given Prince to Rajiv and Seher and that she was sad when she found out about Rajiv’s abandonment of her. She also remembers the words of Dolly and Meher and how she felt when she heard that Rajiv had left her. This incident causes a huge rift between the two couples. The drama continues in this episode.

Seher attends swayamvar

If you’ve been following Indian serials, you have surely come across Choti Sarrdaarni. It’s known for its intriguing drama and twists. In the 11th April 2022 Written Update, the drama takes a surprising turn. Initially, a couple falls in love. However, their love soon turns out to be strained. When the couple learns that their lover is not happy, they begin to argue.

Seher prays to God for Rajiv

Rajveer asks Seher what she’s doing and she replies that she has to visit Guruji tomorrow. She tries to make herself strong but Guruji refuses to let her participate. Then, Seher climbs the holy tree and falls. Rajiv prays for Seher’s safety and the happiness of her child.

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