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Bollywood Never Gave Me Roles That I Merited, Says Kabir Bedi – Tech Kashif




Kabir Bedi has said that it’s unfortunate that Bollywood never offered him the kind of roles he deserved. Bedi has acted in over 65 Hindi films. He starred with British film icon Michael Caine in Ashanti, and Roddy McDowell in Thief of Baghdad. He played the protagonist in the Italian film The Black Pirate (Il Corsaro Nero). On American television, he has acted in popular series like Highlander, Murder She Wrote, Magnum P.I., and Dynasty. And it’s hard to forget the menacing killer of Octopussy.

At the cover launch of his memoir ‘Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life Of An Actor’, Kabir said, “I always feel that Bollywood never gave roles that I merited. I can still do some great performances. I look out for them in Bollywood but my work continues abroad. Also, this book has opened up a whole new dimension of writing for me because I wanted to write this book for 10 years. I still think that I spent many years in Hollywood and I think there are still things to do in Hollywood. I remember doing The Bold and the Beautiful and James Bond (Octopussy) there and both films gave me worldwide fame.”

Bedi also shared a series of interesting anecdotes from his memoir at the virtual event, which was moderated by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. One of the most memorable anecdotes was the story of him interviewing ‘The Beatles’ which was a turning point in his career, making the shift from a career in ‘All India Radio’ to theatre and finally foraying into the world of cinema.

Wishing good luck to Bedi for his upcoming book, Salman said, “Your personality as a star and human being is pure, so whatever comes out from this book would be straight from your heart and soul. It is going to be a beautiful read and I wish that a lot of people will learn from your experiences shared.”

Kabir said, “My book is the story of a middle-class boy from Delhi who becomes an international star. It’s also about the successes I’ve seen, the emotional traumas I’ve suffered, how I survived the worst of them and found fulfillment in the end.”

‘Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor’ is about the highs and lows of Kabir Bedi’s professional and personal life, his tumultuous relationships, including marriage and divorce, why his beliefs have changed and his exciting days in India, Europe and Hollywood.

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