Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Nov 20 Highlights: Anee eliminated & Siri confessed her feelings for Shanmukh to Nagarjuna


The Sunday episode was full of fun, unlike the Saturday episode where host Nagarjuna bashed everyone for their game and behaviour. He started the task of the day where the contestants needed to answer a few questions from other contestants on their gameplay. If the majority gave them a thumbs down, the contestant needed to have a Karela shot.

 Siri denied being laid back in the game due to her bonding with Shanmukh. She revealed that she and Shanmukh were rivals outside but their friendship boomed only in the house. As Kajal got saved, Anee, Maanas, Siri and Sunny were in danger.

Actors Raj Tarun, Kashish Khan and Sudarshan visited the show as special guests to promote their upcoming release Anubhavichu Raja. Anee got evicted. She bid an emotional farewell to Sreerama Chandra and others. She wished them good luck. Anee thanked Sreeram and Ravi for being her constant support and conveyed best wishes to other contestants.

In Saturday’s episode, Nagarjuna bashed everyone including Ravi, Maanas and Ravi. Nagarjuna gave Siri a dressing down for committing self harm during the week and spoke to her in a confession room. She said she’s feeling a connection with Shanmukh despite her limitations inside and outside the house. Host asked him to leave the house if he’s missing Deepthi so much.

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