Bhojpuri Actress Trisha Kar Madhu MMS Video Leaked Online


Celebrities are always the talk of the town whether it’s about their personal or professional life. Fans are always eager to know every detail of their favorite celebs and sometimes these celebs get trolled too, sometimes by their opinion or sometimes by their leaked images and videos. One of those Bhojpuri actresses is getting trolled on social media these days because of her leaked MMS. Tisha Kar Madhu is the popular face of the film industry and dancer of Bhojpuri. This fashion diva is very active on social media and always keeps her admirers updated about her locations.

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video Full Video

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video, which consists of an actress’s private content. Her private video has been leaked and this video is making headlines in the news. In the video, she is in a compromising state with her boyfriend. Later, she comes forward in the media and asks her fans and followers to remove the video from their devices. She also said: “I never know that Bihar has such poor people who can forget their humanity and do something like that to someone’s life.” She even shared a post asking for help from actor Pawan Singh. While her fans were trolling her and posting negative comments against her.

Although, the actress is attracting attention from social media and the newspapers, but not because of her upcoming movies, but for all the wrong reasons. Her private MMS video was leaked online and went viral on social media. It becomes the reason for her sadness and fear. In the leaked video, Madhu is seen as spending private time with her boyfriend. Once the MMS video is leaked, it immediately grabs the attention of social media users.

Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Full Video

After being trolled, the actress took to social media to warn the people who allegedly shot the video, which went viral on social media. However, it is still not clear who made that video and how it made it to social media and went viral. She also wrote a post on Facebook stating that “God is watching everything. In an effort to defame me, some people made this video go viral on social media. I never thought that some people in my native Bihar have such low standards.”

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When the video went viral, Madhu was trolled and received a lot of hate and negative comments. Many users say that Madhu did this on purpose to get publicity. In response to these comments, she shared another post on Facebook, stating: “You all say I did this intentionally and made the video, but I didn’t say my closed one stabbed me in the back. Someone will do something like that. do filthy things to slander me, I never thought or I never knew.”

In a subsequent post, Madhu responds to the Bhojpuri industry, claiming that no one is good in this film industry. She stated that people don’t challenge her to say anything or she will speak the truth. She also gives directions for casting the couch and said that at least she loved someone and spent quality time with him instead of going to hotel rooms with someone in the name of work Madhu 27 years old is from West Bengal and made her debut in the Bhojpuri industry with a Bhojpuri series “Ham Hai Hindustani” and she had also done many item songs.

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