Bhagya Lakshmi Weekly Update: Lakshmi reenters Rishi’s life.


Bhagya Lakshmi Weekly Update

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Zee TV Popular show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and Rishi and Lakshmi signs divorce has glued the audience to the screens.

This week Bhagya Lakshmi begins with The judge deciding to give three months to Rishi and Lakshmi seeing Rishi’s care for Lakshmi. Neelam opposes the judge’s decision. The judge warns her and orders her to leave the courtroom. The judge orders that Lakshmi has live with Rishi for three months after this period if they still want a divorce then she will give them a divorce. Rishi and Lakshmi also have to work on their marriage. They both also have to report to her about their progress every 15 days. Lakshmi needs to be welcomed like a new bride into the Oberoi mansion they also need to submit a video as evidence to the court. Rishi leaves from court ignoring Lakshmi. Everyone returns home.

Neelam asks Virendra to do something. Virendra says to Neelam we are in a situation in which we are helpless. It’s better if we accept it. Neelam says you are happy that your daughter is coming to the house. Virendra says she is not my daughter. Lakshmi tells Shaluthat she is feeling bad for hurting Virendra and Rishi. Shalu asks her to reveal the truth to them. Lakshmi agrees to tell them that she didn’t change. Rishi comes home. Malishka confronts Rishi for his actions at the court and questions why he cares for Lakshmi. Rishi says he did it as a person and if you guys felt I did wrong then I’m sorry. Malishka says your mistake is the reason for the current situation otherwise you may be divorced and she leaves to room asking them to get ready for Grah Pravesh. Rishi thinks to make Lakshmi run from their place by showing his real attitude. The next day, Lakshmi arrives at the Oberoi mansion with her sisters. Neelam and Malishka ask Lakshmi to leave telling them they can lie in court. Shalu asks them to follow the court orders. Neelam welcomes Lakshmi with proper rituals.

Neelam welcomes Lakshmi with all rituals. Malishka gets angry seeing everything. Rishi decides to make Lakshmi leave his house. Shalu leaves telling Lakshmi to be strong. Rishi sleeps on the bed with Lakshmi when he is falling from the sofa. Malishka sees the nightmare that Rishi is romancing Lakshmi. She calls Neelam and asks her to see where Rishi is sleeping. Neelam peeks into Rishi’s room and tells her that they are sleeping on the same bed. Malishka gets ready to leave for Rishi’s house. Virendra and Dadi notice Neelam outside Rishi’s room. Virendra goes to get ready.

Dadi peeks into the room and notices Rishi and Lakshmi sleeping on the bed. Lakshmi promises Rishi that she will save him from hismarkesh dosh. She opens the door and notices Dadi at their doorstep. Dadi lies to her that she came to search for Virendra’sspectacles. On the way, Malishka argues with a couple. Lakshmienters Virendra’s room to search for his spectacles. Virendra tells Lakshmi that she doesn’t need to help him. Lakshmi leaves his room and thinks to win back the relationship with everyone. Rishi tries to scare Lakshmi to make her leave his room by placing the lizard in the bathroom. Lakshmi comes out of the bathroom. Rishi thinks he turns off the hot water and placed the lizard then why didn’t it work. Lakshmi asks him to have a bath telling him she enjoyed the hot water bath. Rishi goes to the washroom and notices the lizard is gone then he takes bath and thinks Lakshmi set it to get hot water. The shower stops during his bath because of Lakshmi. He shouts for help.

Lakshmi gives him water to wash his face. Rishi washes his face and questions how she knows that he needs water? Questions if she stopped the water supply. Lakshmi stands shocked and tells him that she did it to teach him a lesson. Lizard falls on Rishi and he shouts in fear then Lakshmi rushes towards him and they both fall together. Malishka sees them lying on each other. Lakshmi asks Rishi to take bath and she warns Malishka to stay within her limits like an employee. Malishka goes out angrily. Neelam and Dadi scare Malishka. Rishi asks Ayush who night helped Lakshmi. Lakshmi prepares Ladoo for her rasoi ritual. Malishka plans to spoil it by adding salt but Lakshmi stops her on time.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness Virendra will tell Lakshmi that in life, you lose someone and don’t have hope of getting that person back I am having such feelings and I have lost my Lakshmi. Rishi will catch Lakshmi and asks who helped her. She will tell him to find it on his own. He will agree. Don’t smile. Malishka will see them and thinks to do something, She falls to the floor. Rishi gives her a hand but Lakshmi comes and takes Malishka’s hand and makes her stand. Malishka will ask how dare you touch me? Then she will warn her not to fall again.

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