Atithi In House All episodes online on the Kooku app

Atithi In House All episodes online on the Kooku app

Atithi In House All episodes online on the Kooku app

Atithi In House All episodes: Aditi’s House Another cooking web series will hit the screen in a few days, many of you may have seen the trailer released today. Yes! You guessed it right, the release of the trailer for Kuka’s new web series “Aditi in the House” kicked off Tuesday. With bold and incongruous love stories, Cook has made a big name for itself on many OTT sites in India.

In order to maintain its popularity, the site continues to publish to constantly surprise its target audience. Now the platform is back with another daring web series entitled “Hospitality at home”. In this article, we’re going to provide you with important details, including the release date of this upcoming series.

Description of the web series ‘Aditi in House’ (part 1)

This is an 18+ romantic drama web series titled Aditi in House for the upcoming Kuku web series. This will be the first season of Aditi’s House to be streamed online in the Gooty app. From the release date, this romantic drama series 16 airs.Th April 2021.

The trailer for Yeti’s House has already been released online and can be accessed from the YouTube and Google app and website. However, viewers should note that this is the first part of the trailer for Attiti’s House. The second part of the series will be released soon. The trailer itself is stunning, bold and very interesting. Speaking of the main character of the series, actress Mokshita Raghav will appear in the lead roles of Aditi In House.

‘Aditi in House’ storyline from the web series

During the home season, Aditi’s plot revolves around a young woman and two young men who fall in love with the same woman, in which she plays the role of Moksita. The woman (Moksharth Raghav) lives with a joint family and has an empty room in their house that they have decided to rent.

He soon found two young tenants who had moved into that room with the joint family. The turn of the plot comes when the tenant falls on the woman badly, and the interesting things and twists of the story start from here. Watch the series on April 16 at Aditi House to find out what happens next.

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