Are Becca and Garrett still together? Why did Becca and Garrett break up?

Despite all they offer us in the way of entertainment and hope, the sad aspect of reality dating shows is that the latter rarely lasts long. After all, most pairs formed usually end up breaking up at one point or another. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as Lauren and Cameron Hamilton from “Love is Blind” and Sean and Catherine Lowe from season 17 of “The Bachelor.” But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from reality TV fans, it’s that relationships are complex. So when Becca and Garrett from “The Bachelorette” broke up, it was confusing but understandable.

Becca and Garrett: The Bachelorette Journey

A winner of season 22 of ‘The Bachelor’ in 2018, Becca Kufrin initially believed she had found her life partner in Arie Luyendyk Jr., but her heart was broken when he left her to take second place Lauren Burnham. That’s how she entered Bachelor Nation again, but this time she held onto the ropes as the central star of “The Bachelorette” season 14. It was here that the 28-year-old publicist from Minnesota first met the 29-year-old Medical Sales Representative from Manteca, California. Garrett Yrigoyen’s charm was so alluring that he even got her first impression as a rose.

Are Becca and Garrett still together?  Why did Becca and Garrett break up?

From fishing to crossing Utah’s Park City and shooting kombucha shots, Becca and Garrett experienced it in the first few weeks, as they chatted about their childhood and past. He even revealed the details of his divorce and relationship with his ex-wife, prompting Becca to give him another rose. Then they got the chance to see Granger Smith perform live. After a couple more great dates and meeting the family, they knew their bond was real and started discussing a future together.

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Finally, Becca and Garrett’s journey in this series ended not only with the handing over of her last rose, but also with a proposal on a beach in the Maldives. He got down on one knee, she said yes, and they shared a beautiful moment as they declared their love for each other. Becca couldn’t hide her joy when she spoke to her fiancé and admitted that she wanted to spend a lifetime with him, and Garrett was the same. In fact, after the proposal, he told the cameras, “Sorry guys… she’s all mine!”

Why did Becca and Garrett break up?

Although Becca and Garrett appeared to be going strong after their televised appearances, rumors of their breakup arose two years after their engagement. Finally, in September 2020, Becca spoke about it on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, which she co-hosts with Rachel Lindsay. She said, “I don’t think it will come as a shock to anyone, but Garrett and I have decided to end our engagement,” adding that they were both in their hometowns to be closer to family during this difficult time.

“It wasn’t something we just came across overnight. It wasn’t just based on one Instagram post or anyone else’s opinions or comments,” Becca explained, referring to Garrett’s defense of police in June 2020 amid the Black Lives Matter movement. 2018 has also come under fire for liking Instagram posts mocking the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants and the survivors of the Parkland shooting. “There’s a lot more to it – every relationship has many layers .”

“It’s not up to me to release details,” Becca further added in the podcast. “It’s none of your business but what I’m telling you now. But for anyone who’s been through a breakup, you know it’s never easy. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions.” As for where they are now, while Garrett has since moved on and is in a happy relationship with a yoga instructor named Alex Farrar, Becca seems content to just spend time with her friends, family, and adorable corgis. Work and personal growth are her priorities today.

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