Anupama: Upcoming Twist! Anuj and Anupama’s College Romance!


Anupama: Upcoming Twist

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In the next story that will be part of the series Anupama, Anupama and Anuj have a romantic night out and bring back memories from their college days.

In the current tale that follows Anupama, Anuj and Anupama are engaged and plan to meet for an engagement date.

Based on the spoilers for the show, Anupama, Anuj and Anupama dressed up in a youthful manner and go for a romantic ride on a bicycle.

Anuj is amazed when he observes Anupama dressed in a gorgeous salwar and admires her look.

They both enjoy an intimate ride, together, with Anupama gripping Anuj’s waist while he speeds his bike.

The couple share an unforgettable and romantic evening together.

Anuj is the one who takes Anupama to the college where they recall their past memories and Anupama is thrilled.

We’ll be watching the next episodes of the series Anupama to find out what happens when Anuj and Anupama enjoy a wonderful time reminiscing about their college, in which they shared wonderful memories.



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