Anupama Namaste America: Prequel Twist! Leela warns Vanraj against Ritika!


Anupama Namaste America

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In the latest episode of the show Anupama Namaste America Leela advises Vanraj not to visit Ritika.

Vanraj is a bit in a state of obliviousness when his mother Leela says a’she’.

It is only when Leela is given Ritika’s name, that Vanraj gets caught.

Leela says to Vanraj in a candid way to not visit Ritika because his shirt smells of her scent as per the latest news from The Special Anupama OTT series.

In the prequel tale in the story of Anupama, Leela suggests that Vanraj be loyal to Anupama since she is the sole woman he’s ever married.

Leela is stern with Vanraj with a firm voice and informs Vanraj that taking seven pheras isn’t an act of prank.

Vanraj is feeling guilty and stares at the floor in shame.

In the coming story of the upcoming story of America (ANA), Vanraj is slowly beginning to drift away from Ritika since his mother has been directly confronted by him.

Let’s see if Leela’s message can have positive or has a negative effect on Vanraj or not in the next stories of Anupama. Anupama Prequel Series.



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