Anupama Namaste America 2nd May 2022 Written Update


Anupama Namaste America

Anupama Namaste America 2nd May 2022 Written Update: Anupamaa Prequel written update, Episode 7

The Anupama Namaste America of today’s, 2nd May 2022 episode begins with Vanraj completely confused by the situation and he finds himself at the crossroads.

He is greatly influenced by Ritika’s presence around him.

He decides to set his ego at bay and chat with her.

On the other side, Leela and Vanraj begin to devise an idea to stop Anupama from travelling back to USA.

Vanraj begins to behave in a way that makes Anupama feel valued and appreciated.

Vanraj is trying to try to make Anupama feel guilty for being away from her home and running from her duties.

When Moti Baa tells her that she’s not doing anything wrong in following her desires and children are the responsibility of both parents and not only the mother.

Are you sure that Anupama be able to meet Anuj in the near future or wait until 17 years, only to be wed to him?

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