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The 8th April 2022 written update of Anupama is out now! Watch this episode to know more about what’s going to happen! The episode opens with Toshu walking away. When Anuj catches up to Anuj, he asks if he can come on a date with her. Samar is shocked to learn about the relationship between Anuj and Anupama, but Anuj persuades Anupama to go out with him.

Anupama wards off evil eye from Anuj

Anupama wards off evil eyes from Anuj by using her kaala teeka. She is surprised to hear that Anuj has been cursed for 26 years by her Baa. However, she doesn’t let this deter her and tries her best to be brave and braver. This is the reason why she has become an astrologer, and now she is married.

Anupama asks Anuj to come on a date

In the eighth episode of the ongoing series, Anupama asks Anuj out on a date. She reveals that she is expecting a baby and she wants to spend her day with her new daughter. Anuj feels jealous, but Vanraj tells her that she’s okay and that she can celebrate her friend’s birthday with her partner. Kinjal is upset at the doctor’s visit, but Anupama consoles her and says that she is going to take care of her daughter.

Anupama tells Anuj that it’s his dream to be a gynecologist

After a long time, Anupama finally comes to the realization that Anuj’s dream is to become a gynecologist. This revelation is the catalyst for the chemistry between Anuj and Kinjal to grow stronger. The couple then spends the rest of the episode discussing their relationship and plans for the future.

Anupama tells Samar that it’s her dream to be a gynecologist

Anupama says it’s her dream to be a doctor and Samar is surprised by her answer. The two women have a long-distance relationship but are close. Anupama worries about her mental health because she is worried about her future with Anuj. Meanwhile, Samar reminds Anupama about the dance competition and how she can help Anuj.

Anupama’s relationship with a gynecologist

Anupama Jayachandran is a former student leader of the Students’ Federation of India. She is currently dating gynecologist Ajith Kumar B., a former member of the Democratic Youth Federation of India. Anupama’s family learned about her pregnancy in September, and her parents balked at the idea of the two of them forming a relationship. After learning that she was already eight months pregnant, her parents tried to block Ajith’s phone calls and contact.

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