Anupama 12th April 2022 Written Update



Anupama 12th April 2022 written update covers Her temper tantrums, anger towards Vanraj’s work in the dance academy, preparations for her wedding, and more. The actress will also be seen discussing the absence of her father-in-law. So, what is next for Anupama? Let’s find out in this article! Read on to know what happens in the upcoming episodes of Anupama!

Anupama’s temper tantrums

The Written Episode of Anupama on 12th April 2022 starts with Samar preparing for the dancing contest. While warming up, she accidentally hits her leg on a nail. Nandini becomes worried and begins to get stressed out. The host then asks the contestants what they are prepared to do on stage. Meanwhile, Toshu tears up after Kinjal realizes that Anupama is pregnant. She tells her that both parents are equally responsible for their child’s birth.

Her anger at Vanraj’s work in the dance academy

Anupama’s anger at Van Raj’s work at the dance academy is directed at Samar. He’s angry because his dance teacher has decided to open a cafe. Vanraj, however, doesn’t want to hurt Samar so he’s not opening the cafe, but Samar will handle things in any case. The two men have a tense relationship throughout the play.

Her marriage preparations

“Yeh Hai Chahatein” 9th April 2022 Written Episode: The bride, Anupamaa, has decided to marry Vanraj on the fateful date of 12th April 2022. Her family members are enthralled by the news and want to attend the wedding. However, Anupama’s family is worried that she will let the Shahs ruin the wedding.

Her father-in-law’s absence

It is not an exaggeration to say that Anupama’s husband is her best friend. She is a former leader of the Students’ Federation of India and is currently dating her partner, Ajith Kumar B. Her parents learned about her pregnancy after she left for a trip to South Africa in September. Her parents balked at the relationship and didn’t allow her to talk to Ajith.

Her moral gyaan

In this episode of the serial, Anupamaa reminds her daughter about the importance of keeping a clean slate. She explains that each day is like a page of a book, and that we should write our happiness in that page. The entire story revolves around this simple advice. Here is a look at how Anupamaa goes about implementing it. To understand why Anupamaa offers this advice, she first explains to her father the responsibilities involved in her daughter’s wedding.

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