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Social deduction game Among Us is getting a new map next week which is also going to be the biggest map in the game yet. Called The Airship, the map is based on the airship from developer Innersloth’s own game series Henry Stickmin. Along with the new map, Innersloth is also going to add a system for having personal accounts. The account generation, as per the developer, has been put in place for moderation and to make the game safer for people, especially kids,
With the new account system, Among Us is not forcing you to create one before you can play the game. The account making seems to be an optional one, as per a report by Engadget. However, those who will not make their accounts on the game will reportedly not be able to access some of the features that the account holders can. For example, if you want to change your display name, you would need to first have an Among Us account in order to do so. If you are just playing the game in Guest mode, such an option would not be available. An account is also needed to use the free chat feature.
Also, kids falling under the age of digital consent (which happens to be 13 in a lot of countries) would first need permission from their parent/guardian to create an Among Us account, change their name or access the free chat, adds the report.
In the upcoming The Airship map, Among Us will also introduce ladders and other shortcuts to travel faster within the map. Free in-game hats are also in order.

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