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Amitabh Bachchan shuts trolls hard, shares details of his Rs 15 cr COVID relief contribution




New Delhi: Putting an end to speculation over the amount of contribution he made for COVID relief, megastar Amitabh Bachchan took to his personal blog and revealed the details. He also clarified that he has already surpassed the Rs 2 crore figure that was doing the rounds on social media.

Sharing his thoughts, Big B wrote that he has contributed around Rs 15 crore and will not step back from doing more, even if it means chipping in his own funds. 

He shared, “In this battle against this virus, many have contributed and continue to be resolved in more.. the mention in the information circles resounds with the 2 cr that I donated for the care Centre in Delhi for the moment .. but as days go by the figure of my personal contribution and donation shall be about 15 crore rupees .. 
Of course such figures are beyond my means, but I work and labour and resolve to dig into my earnings for those that need it most and with the kindness of the Almighty have been able to give this amount …. in time , if I am able to harness some more of my personal funds I shall not hesitate to contribute more..”


Big B further encouraged people to move forward and help each other in this hour of need so that India can win this battle against the deadly coronavirus. 

He added, “AND there are those colleagues and friends that have run into difficult times financially .. they too have been given funds to tide over some of the trouble they find themselves in .. This is not trumpeting my ‘wares’ .. .. if at all it can be a motivation for many others to come forward and donate , the amount of misery that one hears and sees could be greatly reduced .. .. they  say give and ye shall receive..”

The iconic actor recently donated Rs 2 crore for the COVID-care facility at Rakab Ganj Gurdwara in New Delhi. The facility will have at least 300 beds, oxygen concentrators, doctors, paramedics and ambulances. All the services will be given to patients at free-of-cost.