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A year back Amazon announced its Ring Always Hone Cam, a little indoor flying drone with a Wi-Fi security camera attached to it. The security camera hangs on the drone with quad fans and roams around the house to ensure everything is fine at home. It seems that the device is finally ready for sale and the company is accepting registrations. To purchase the device you will be needing an invite from the company.

Ring Always Hone Cam specifications

The Always Home Cam comes with a pop-out camera attached to the quadcopter, the flying security camera sits in its charging dock and flies around your home when a Ring Alarm contact sensor or when a motion is detected by the sensors. Do note that the system will only be active when you are not in your home, so don’t worry it won’t be flying when you are around. Also, the security camera is capable of sending you notifications on your phone in case it detects anything. 

Amazon’s flying security camera the Ring Always Home Cam is available for invite-only sale

“If your Ring Alarm contact sensors or motion detectors are triggered, Always Home Cam can automatically fly to see what’s happening,” reads the official website. “Always Home Cam is blocked when docked and only records when it leaves the dock to fly on a preset path customized by you.”

You can watch the video in 1080p on your smartphone if you want to check the footage. Also, the flying camera follows the pre-set path using onboard sensors to avoid any collusion. Users can pause and rotate the flying path but there is no option of taking manual control like traditional drone cameras. However, you can set up to 50 different flight paths but do note that the security camera is not capable of covering multiple floors, for that you need to purchase a new one for each floor. 

The Ring Always Home Cam will be available for purchase at USD 249.99 (approx Rs 18,574) and if you’re located in the United States then you can opt for an invite by clicking here. Sadly the flying security camera is not launched in India and there are no words from the company about it. Stay tuned with Pinkvilla Tech to know more updates on interesting technology news. 

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